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The Re-New-It System

As a Mechanic, the Re-New-It system is a simple and cost effective joint repair solution that assists your clients with their car suspension, ball joint suspension and other various steering and suspensions joints.

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Designed, developed, copyrighted and manufactured in South Africa, the RE-NEW-IT System has been tried and tested in 52 countries, in renovating all steering and suspension joints. Virtually any design of tie rod end, as used on all wheeled vehicles can be renovated. Joints with rubber inside can be repaired, but with additional work to remove the rubber first. The system is used successfully on motor cars, trucks, buses, tractors, forestry construction & earthmoving equipment, military, industrial and mining equipment, forklift-trucks, and cranes ball joints.

We launched this interesting yet simple repair method in 1994 with nearly 24 years of service here in South Africa. It has helped our many agents (system owners and applicators) both here and overseas, to make excellent profits (&/or savings), in return for a really low capital expenditure. At the same time it has saved lots of money for their many thousands of customers. And this has been from areas of business in which their workshop is (usually) already working, so, no additional marketing costs.

The RE-NEW-IT system was designed to overcome the problem of marginally worn suspension and steering joints on all types of wheeled vehicles, to keep them in a safe, roadworthy and drivable condition, (at least in that part of the vehicle). Similar joints found on other equipment can also be renovated. Use of the RE-NEW-IT system should be considered as an innovative and practical cost saving method for all vehicles, in on-going maintenance programmes.

We now have agents in 40 countries around the world, including South Africa to Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Mauritius, Moçambique, Namibia, Malawi, as well as Australia, Israel, Bulgaria, USA, UK, Russia and the Seychelles. Our most recent system owners are from as far a-field as Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok, (in Russia), it is now also in Jamaica (West Indies), Kyrgyzstan, and about to go to the Philippines and West Africa.

The complete RE-NEW-IT System

The complete RE-NEW-IT system, or kit, (after nearly 24 years on the market), is priced at US$975.00 F.O.B. South Africa, (+ vat where payable, + shipping). The kit can usually be shipped or delivered, within 24 hours of your confirmation and payment. We give a six-month guarantee on this equipment, fair wear & tear excepted. The complete kit includes the necessary items of more specialized equipment needed to do the job, supplied in a strong plastic toolbox, and includes an initial supply of 20 of the RNT124 polymer sticks. Other items are detailed in the parts list in the instruction book, and total weight of the (standard) kit is about 10Kg. This price also includes all the necessary training and on-going support. However, it does not include normal workshop equipment, like a small air compressor (8 to 10 bar [125 to 150psi] pressure); a jack (or car lift); a hand drill; quick disconnect air line couplings; an air blow gun (for cooling); and a grease gun (for the high temperature grease); which most workshops will have anyway. If you do need any of these items, we can of course supply at extra cost.

In South Africa where we do countrywide advertising, when we get an enquiry for a repair to be done in a particular area, it is passed on to the closest agent (part of the service included in the full price). In the comprehensive instruction manual with the kit, there is also a complete parts list. We are available for training your applicator/s, and have done this all over the world via telephone, fax & email. The simple instructions must be followed, and only our high compression RNT124 polymer should be used, for confidence in your work and for ‘guarantee-able’ results.

The suggested retail repair price list in the instruction book (in US$ & S.A.Rand) is designed to help you set your own prices. Actual charge is up to agents (users) in their own area, which is a measure of the difficulty of the job, joint size, usage of the vehicle (on or off prepared roads), type & age of vehicles in the area, and the alternative replacement cost (parts etc).

A recent comment by a long-term user (of about 17 years) of our RE-NEW-IT System, was interesting. He bought our kit, and an on-the-vehicle disc brake skimmer at the same time, and he says that the monetary return from our kit is many times that from the disc skimmer (and yet the skimmer is very much more expensive, up front). I hope to hear from you soon, and I am always available to answer any queries.

Vehicle Repairs

Our agents have our Re-New-It Kits (Systems) which will enable them to do these repairs very economically.

Workshops & Mechanics

You are already looking at these worn joints possibly without making any profit from them. With the Re-New-It System you will be able to repair those joints immediately and make your profit, click here for our Re-New-It System.

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