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The Re-New-It System

The Re-New-It SystemOur system uses the only feasible, properly engineered method available for this type of repair.

The RE-NEW-IT System is used by companies and individuals, such as wheel alignment specialists, tyre suppliers, all vehicle workshops, roadworthy workshops, in-house workshops, large fleet owners, mines, military, government, as well as out on site by travelling mechanics and so on. Repair is only done on MARGINALLY WORN joints, NOT totally worn out ones, so the judgment of the mechanic is important. The operating principle has been in use for many years, in the form of plastic extrusion and moulding equipment, and so the technology and the raw material are well proven. read more >>>

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Business Opportunity

Would you like to offer your clients a simple and cost effective tie rod end, king pin, ball joint, etc, method of repair? This is it!

Designed, developed, copyrighted and manufactured in South Africa, the RE-NEW-IT System has been tried and tested in 67 countries, in renovating all steering and suspension joints. Virtually any design of tie rod end, as used on all wheeled vehicles can be renovated. Joints with rubber inside can be repaired, but with additional work to remove the rubber first. The system is used successfully on motor cars, trucks, buses, tractors, forestry construction & earthmoving equipment, military, industrial and mining equipment, forklift-trucks, and cranes ball joints.

We launched this interesting yet simple repair method, nearly 19 years ago here in South Africa. It has helped our many agents (system owners and applicators) both here and overseas, to make excellent profits (&/or savings), in return for a really low capital expenditure. At the same time it has saved lots of money for their many thousands of customers. read more >>>


Vehicle Repairs

Our agents have our Re-New-It Kits (Systems) which will enable them to do these repairs very economically.

Workshops & Mechanics

You are already looking at these worn joints possibly without making any profit from them. With the Re-New-It System you will be able to repair those joints immediately and make your profit, click here for our Re-New-It System.


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